VIA launches new mobile IGP chipset

While Intel is busy beefing up its mobile wireless capabilities, VIA has introduced a new mobile integrated graphics chipset. The new VN896 chipset includes the company's Chrome9 HC integrated graphics processor, a DirectX 9-class graphics core that's already found its way into a number of other VIA chipsets, including the desktop P4M900 that launched last May.

Aside from its IGP, the VN896 supports VIA C7-M and Intel Pentium M processors, front-side bus speeds of up to 800MHz, DDR2-667 or DDR-400 memory, and PCI Express x1 and x16 expansion. Being a mobile chipset, the VN896 is optimized for low power consumption, and VIA says it also helps keep DDR memory power draw in check. The chipset has also received Windows Vista certification with Microsoft's Vista Basic logo.

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