Cheaper Radeon X1950 is on the way

ATI plans to launch a new mainstream graphics card before it brings out its next-gen R600 GPU, according to VR-Zone. The site says new Radeon X1950 GT cards will become available early next month from two of ATI's board partners: Sapphire and Palit. The cards will be based on a modified version of the 80nm RV570 core used in the existing Radeon X1950 Pro, and they'll run at 500MHz core with a memory speed of 600MHz. For reference, the Radeon X1950 Pro has a 575MHz core speed and a 690MHz memory speed. The Radeon X1950 GT will supposedly launch at $169, a good 30 bucks cheaper than the Radeon X1950 Pro's launch price. Considering GeForce 7900 GS graphics cards can now be had for less than $160 at some online stores, the X1950 GT could give ATI a better competitor in the sub-$200 segment.
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