Nvidia invests in general-purpose GPU firm

In the wake of the introduction of the G80 GPU, with its collection of 128 stream processors, and the announcement of the CUDA initiative to provide a C-like programming interface for that GPU, Nvidia has now invested $2.93 million in a Canadian start-up called Acceleware. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Acceleware hasn't gotten a whole lot of publicity, but it sells hardware solutions and proprietary software that uses graphics processors to speed up tasks like hardware design, seismic data processing, drug discovery, and reservoir simulations.

Acceleware says the Nvidia cash will go toward "marketing, sales and ongoing development of its acceleration products for electromagnetic simulation and seismic data processing markets," among other things. Nvidia's VP of Business Development Jeff Herbst believes Acceleware will "quickly emerge as leaders in the GPU Computing revolution." Sean Krakiwsky, Acceleware's CEO, says his company had already been working with Nvidia for more than two years on the deployment of GPUs to accelerate non-graphics applications.

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