Samsung intros single-platter 60GB 1.8-inch drive

1.8" hard drives have already broken the 60GB mark by a good margin, but Samsung says it is the first company to put together a 60GB 1.8" hard drive with only a single platter. This feat, which was enabled by Samsung's use of perpendicular recording technology, has allowed the company to squeeze its new N-series drive down to a thickness of just 5mm (less than 1/5"). 60GB platters could conceivably allow Samsung to make 120GB 1.8" drives in the future, as well, although the company makes no mention of such plans in its press release.

In addition to the 60GB model, Samsung is introducing N-series 1.8" drives with capacities of 20GB, 30GB, and 40GB. The drives all spin at 4,200RPM and have 2MB of cache. They also support both "parallel" ATA and CE-ATA interfaces, making them compatible with a variety of devices including notebooks, portable media players, UMPCs, and car navigation systems.

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