Google starts buying Intel servers again

Just as Sun announces its plans to start selling Intel-based servers, AMD appears to have lost yet another exclusivity deal with a major customer. CNet reports that Google has started to purchase Intel server parts in volume after a year of buying only AMD hardware. Google isn't in the habit of officially disclosing information about its hardware purchases. However, CNet spotted an internal Intel blog entry by Pat Gelsinger, Intel's Digital Enterprise Group co-General Manager, that said in reference to Google, "We're in business with the volume systems ramp under way."

Gelsinger went on to say that Intel had to build custom equipment to win back Google's favor. "[Intel design teams] have been maniacal as we designed a unique board for them, developing a unique memory module with them, working every angle of the cost equation and engaging with our sales teams to get the business." According to Gelsinger, Google bought AMD systems for the last four quarters "largely on the (operational cost) model they use to judge their purchases."

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