Poll: How often do you upgrade a major component?

In this week's new poll, we're asking about your upgrade habits. Just how often do you upgrade your main PC's processor, motherboard, or graphics card? Considering the six-month release cycle for graphics cards, die-hard enthusiasts might often be tempted to upgrade twice a year in order to stay on the absolute bleeding edge. Some might prefer to wait for significantly faster hardware to come out, though, and others would rather wait until their computer actually starts to choke on the latest games and software before considering an upgrade. Which category do you fit into? Head over to our poll and let us know.

Last week's poll was about your main PC's audio output method. Unsurprisingly, the majority of our voters—77%, to be exact—use good old analog output to connect their speakers or headphones to their sound card or onboard audio. Trailing analog are optical S/PDIF connections with 8% of votes and coaxial S/PDIF with 6%. As for USB, only 1% of our voters use it instead of more orthodox audio output methods. The remaining 7% of our voters have no need for those pesky sound cards and are perfectly content with their PC speakers.

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