Former HP official says company spied on Dell

As if HP's internal spying and pretexting scandal weren't bad enough, the company may have yet more skeletons in its closet. Following a lawsuit filed by HP against employees that allegedly started a rival firm illegally, former HP VP of business development and strategy Karl Kamb has countersued HP, claiming that the company spied on Dell's printer business. Kamb alleges the following:
  • In 2002, HP hired Katsumi Iizuka, a president of Dell Japan until 1995, to supply information on Dell's plans to enter the printer business.
  • That "senior HP management" signed off on the payments to Iizuka.
  • HP obtained Kamb's private phone records through pretexting, the practice of obtaining information by masquerading as someone else. Among the defendants in Kamb's suit are former HP Chairman Patricia Dunn and former HP attorney Kevin Hunsaker.
Unsurprisingly, HP has denied these accusations. The company says Kamb's counterclaim is "wholly without merit" and that it's "a blatant attempt to delay the prosecution of the original case."
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