MP3's at the MTV VMA's

OK, so I'm hearing this second-hand, but apparently there were several MP3 related events on the MTV Video Music Awards this evening. My brother informed me that at one point, Shawn Fanning (the founder of Napster) came out on stage wearing a Metallica T-Shirt. They showed Lars Ullrich in the audience, and he did not appear to be amused.

My brother also informed me that when Lars came out on stage to introduce a band, the audience booed him so loud that you could barely hear what he was saying. I guess it's apparent whose side a lot of the fans are on in this thing.

At any rate, like I said I haven't actually seen these events myself, though I'm sure that I can randomly turn on MTV anytime in the next six months and see a rebroadcast of the show. Anybody out there who saw the blessed events first-hand care to comment?

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