• HardwareZone has a first glimpse of Intel's 45nm process technology
  • ChileHardware reveals AMD's K8L roadmap (in Spanish)
  • Digit-Life has an introduction to SPEC CPU2006
  • Phoronix on Nouveau: glxgears on NV4x
  • Techgage reviews Laplink PCmover
  • Tech ARP updates its BIOS optimization guide
    and touts its January memory giveaway contest
  • X-bit labs reviews Asus Lamborghini VX1 notebook
  • Phoronix reviews Tyan Tomcat i945GM
  • Viper Lair reviews Sondigo Inferno 7.1 sound card
  • Gamepyre reviews Fanatec Head$hot controller
  • 3dGameMan reviews 800W Ultra X-Finity & X-Pro power supplies
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