I have seen the promised land

So after reading my last post, I know the question on everyone's mind: "Why oh why weren't you at home watching the MTV Video Music Awards? What excuse can you possibly have?" </tongueincheeck>

Well, believe me folks, it's a good one. Heard of the Aiwa CDC-MP3? It's an in-dash CD player that happens to play CD-R's and CD-RW's full of MP3's. I dropped by my local Best Buy this evening just to see if they had it, and the sales guy responded to my query with "They just came in today. Want one?" You bet your blue shirt I do....

So I came home and spent some time installing, and the rest of my time driving around. A full review is coming, but here's the short version: Go buy this thing. Now. It supports ID3 tags, variable bit rates, and subfolders. It even comes with a nifty little remote that attaches to the inside of your steering wheel. And it sounds fantastic. Too cool for words.

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