AMD's desktop market share hits 29.1%

Intel may have regained the performance crown with its Core chips, but preliminary numbers from Mercury Research suggest AMD still enjoyed a substantial increase in desktop and mobile market share in the fourth quarter of 2006. The numbers as quoted by MarketWatch say AMD's overall share of the processor market was 25.3% in Q4 2006, up from 23.3% a year before. On the desktop, AMD's slice of the market climbed from 26.6% in Q3 to barely a percent shy of 30% (29.1%) in Q4. In the mobile sector, the company's share went up from 16.8% to 19.4%. A fair part of those gains can likely be attributed to Dell, which started shipping AMD-based desktop PCs and notebooks in the second half of last year.

Despite those gains, AMD actually lost market share to Intel in the server sector. The Mercury Research numbers say Intel's share rose from 76.3% to 77.7%, while AMD's market share slipped from 23.7% to 22.3%. Intel's new lineup of quad-core processors coupled with its new relationship with Sun shouldn't help things for AMD this quarter, either. Thanks to VR-Zone for the link.

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