Vista's gaming performance put to the test

The folks over at PC Perspective have gotten their hands on a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, and they've run a host of game benchmarks to see how the new operating system sizes up against Windows XP in terms of raw performance. In games including Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, and Prey, Vista seems to hold its own reasonably well, although the new OS lags behind Windows XP in many cases. Interestingly, Radeon graphics cards appear to show less of a gap between XP and Vista performance than GeForce cards running the latest ForceWare 100.54 drivers, which would suggest that AMD has done a better job of optimizing its Vista drivers. That said, performance seems to vary a good deal with each game, and PC Perspective couldn't get Prey to work with the Radeons.
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