Corsair, OCZ, Super Talent beef up memory lineups

The fact that Vista has higher memory requirements than Windows XP is no secret, and three memory manufacturers have already decided to capitalize on Vista's memory gluttony. On the desktop, OCZ has launched a 4GB dual-channel memory kit under a brand new "Vista Upgrade" line. The kit is made up of two 2GB DDR2 modules rated for operation at 667MHz with timings of 5-5-5-15 and 1.8V of voltage. Those specs are more in line with value-oriented offerings, but the Vista Upgrade modules nevertheless don copper heat spreaders, and OCZ's warranty covers over-volting up to 1.85V.

Corsair and Super Talent have also introduced new modules to go with the Vista launch, although the two companies are concentrating on the mobile side of things. Corsair has announced a new 2GB DDR-667 SO-DIMM memory module for notebooks. Super Talent, too, introduced a similar module.

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