Teen sued by record companies lashes out

After being sued by five record companies for allegedly pirating music, 16-year-old Robert Santangelo from White Plains, New York has lashed out and filed a heated counterclaim. As the Associated Press reports, the teen has accused the record companies of collusion, violating antitrust laws, conspiring to defraud the courts, and even extortion. The defendant says he never shared music illegally and that even if he did, the record labels can't prove it. According to the AP, Santangelo is the son of Patti Santangelo, a mother of two who was herself sued over music piracy charges in 2005. She went to court and the record industry eventually dropped the case, but not before suing her son Robert and her sister Michelle.

In response to the counterclaim, the RIAA stated, "The record industry has suffered enormously due to piracy. That includes thousands of layoffs. We must protect our rights. Nothing in a filing full of recycled charges that have gone nowhere in the past changes that fact."

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