Intel price cuts to stunt AMD's mobile growth?

Mercury Research numbers posted earlier this week say AMD's mobile market share climbed from 16.8% in the third quarter of last year to 19.4% in the fourth quarter. However, the chipmaker may see its luck change in the coming months. DigiTimes says Taiwanese notebook makers expect Intel to slash mobile Core 2 Duo prices in May, and they think that will likely allow Intel to seize back market share AMD gained last year.

AMD's Turion processors are currently "popular for consumers looking for bargains," according to the notebook makers. Indeed, Dell outfitted its cheapest consumer notebook with AMD processors last year, a move that probably contributed significantly to AMD's market share growth. Lower prices from Intel could very well cause companies like Dell to swap processor suppliers for their low-end offerings. That said, AMD's new 65nm process technology might also allow it to compete more aggressively in a mobile price war with Intel, although AMD has yet to announce 65nm mobile processors.

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