Poll: Do you e-mail from handheld devices?

Our new poll this week is about e-mailing on the go. Devices like Blackberries, Treos, and other smart phones are becoming increasingly affordable these days, which has significantly democratized mobile e-mailing. Some of you might be perfectly content to get away from the Internet after stepping away from the computer, but others can't leave home without their Blackberries, be it because of their job or some other reason. What about you? To which of the above categories do you belong ? Feel free to vote in our poll and let us know.

Last Thursday, we polled you about how often you upgrade your processor, graphics card, or motherboard. The results are pretty spread out: 31% of you upgrade every three years or more, while 19% upgrade every one to one and a half years, 18% upgrade every one and a half to two years, 15% upgrade every 7-12 months, and 14% upgrade every two and a half to three years. Unsurprisingly, the smallest portion with only 4% of votes is those who upgrade every six months or less. Overall, though, most of you (82%) wait at least one year between major upgrades.

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