Lawsuit says Intel paid Dell not to use AMD chips

Intel has been the subject of an increasing amount of legal attention lately. The court overseeing the AMD vs. Intel antitrust case recently agreed to look at Intel's foreign conduct—a huge win for AMD—and the European Commission is seriously considering going after Intel for its alleged monopolistic practices in the E.U. According to CNet, Dell has now been struck with a class action lawsuit that says it received substantial amounts of money from Intel to refrain from using AMD processors. The lawsuit's plaintiffs claim the "secret and likely illegal" payments added up to as much as $1 billion a year. Considering Dell had revenue of $55.9 billion in 2005, the alleged Intel cash could have represented close to 2% of the PC maker's revenue. Interestingly, news of the lawsuit comes just two days after Kevin Rollins stepped down as Dell's CEO.
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