Epic's Jeff Morris interviewed regarding UT3

The folks at GameInformer have scored an interview with Epic Games' Lead Producer, Jeff Morris, concerning the studio's upcoming Unreal Tournament 3. The interview covers a fair amount of ground, from information relating to the UT3 team's progress (the game is a couple of months away from alpha stage and should ship in the second half of this year) to tidbits regarding the game itself. Morris says UT3's single player element will have much more depth than the single player part of previous UT titles. "You’re not just some faceless guy. . . . Your teammates are individuals, with their own personalities. . . . There are all these shifting alliances, because there are corporations that have profit motivations." Back to the Future fans will also be happy to know that UT3 will include a hoverboard with a tether that will allow players to be pulled by other vehicles.

Interestingly, Morris discusses the possibility of letting PC and Xbox 360 gamers play together on the same servers. He says there are "certainly no technical reasons" for Epic not to do it, but that balance could be a problem if console gamers can't match the speed of PC gamers. "With the mouse, you’re looking here, and then you swing over here . . . I don’t know that a 360 controller is ever going to have an analogy to that." Morris says cross-platform gameplay won't be implemented if it's not fun or balanced. (Thanks to Shacknews for the link.)

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