New Opterons to come tomorrow, bring down prices

The folks at DailyTech have heard that AMD’s Opteron lineup is about to get a little bit bigger. Tomorrow, they say, AMD will introduce new Opteron x220-series and x218 HE-series processors. These chips will supposedly still be based on AMD’s 90nm process, but they will have lower thermal envelopes than existing 119W Opteron x220 SE and 95W Opteron x218 processors. DailyTech quotes 95W for the x220 chips and just 68W for the x218 HE chips. Like their existing namesakes, the x220 and x218 HE processors will run at respective 2.8GHz and 2.6GHz clock speeds with 1MB of cache per core.

As for prices, the Opteron x220 models will launch at $1,500 for the Opteron 8220, $700 for the Opteron 2200, and $550 for the single-socket Opteron 1200. The x218 HE models will cost a respective $1,340, $610, and $430 for multi-socket, dual-socket, and single-socket flavors. DailyTech says the chips will bring down prices for “any Opterons that are already in the channel.”

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