Blu-ray sales significantly outpacing HD DVD?

Sony is touting figures from Nielsen VideoScan that suggest Blu-ray movie sales are quickly outpacing HD DVD movie sales. As Joystiq reports, the figures claim that two to three times as many Blu-ray movies were sold as HD DVD titles in the first two weeks of January. In the first week, only 47.14 HD DVD titles were sold for every 100 Blu-ray titles, and in the second week the proportion of HD DVD sales shifted down to 38.36. These figures suggest that Sony's gamble of using the PlayStation 3 as a means to push Blu-ray has paid off. That said, more HD DVD titles have been sold since the format's inception. As of the second week of January, the Nielsen VideoScan figures say for every 100 HD DVD titles sold so far, only 92.40 Blu-ray movies have been bought.
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