Microsoft won’t fix Vista upgrade workaround

Last week, Paul Thurrott from Windows IT Pro found a loophole that allows owners of “upgrade” versions of Windows Vista to install the new operating system without the need to own a previous version of Windows. The procedure essentially involves installing Vista in trial mode and then “upgrading” from the trial installation. A week has now passed since word of the loophole got around, and VNUNet has learned straight from the horse’s mouth that Microsoft doesn’t actually plan to do anything about it:

“People without a licensed copy of XP that use this workaround are violating the terms of use agreed to when they purchased the upgrade version of Windows Vista,” a Microsoft spokesman told

“As such, we believe only a very small percentage of people will take the time to implement this workaround, and we encourage all customers to follow our official guidelines for upgrading to Windows Vista.”

Of course, since there is no apparent downside to violating the Vista terms of use in this case—aside from the not-so-straightforward nature of the workaround, perhaps—enthusiasts might be all too tempted to go ahead and save a few bucks. “Upgrade” versions of Vista are between $80 and $140 cheaper than full retail copies, depending on the edition.

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