Apple warns iPod users about upgrading to Vista

Apple has urged users of its iPod music players to hold off on upgrading to Windows Vista for the time being. In a knowledge base entry on its site, the iPod maker says the current version of its iTunes software “may not work” with Vista. Current compatibility problems between the software and Microsoft’s new operating system include:

  • iTunes Store purchases may not play when upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows 2000 or XP.
  • iPod models with the “Enable Disk Use” option turned off may be unable to update or restore iPod software, and make changes to iPod settings.
  • iPod models configured to Auto Sync and have the “Enable Disk Use” option turned off may require being ejected and reconnected to resync.
  • Ejecting an iPod from the Windows System Tray using the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature may corrupt your iPod. To always safely eject an iPod, choose Eject iPod from the Controls menu within iTunes.
  • Cover Flow animation may be slower than expected.
  • Contacts and calendars will not sync with iPod.

Apple makes its stance on Vista pretty clear in its latest “Switch” ad, but the company nevertheless intends to release an updated version of iTunes to deal with the aforementioned problems “in the next few weeks.” For users who have already upgraded and suffer from the first issue in the list, Apple has already released an iTunes repair tool for Vista that fixes permissions for iTunes files required to play songs from the iTunes Store.

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    • Snake
    • 13 years ago

    Is it just me…or is Vista turning into a (bad) joke??

    • deathBOB
    • 13 years ago

    I have had no problems syncing my mini using Vista Business. Itunes does run very slowly when the Ipod is connected though. I think it might be a USB issue, I have been having problems with my USB wifi adapter.

    I wish MS had done a better job of copying Expose from OSX.

    • Taddeusz
    • 13 years ago

    All the FUD aside I have iTunes running fine from a clean install of Vista. From their knowledge base article it sounds like the problems are happening after upgrading an existing Windows XP with iTunes installed to XP. I’ve synced my iPod a couple times without any problems. I haven’t experienced any apparent slow downs in iTunes.

    I also find it humorous how hardly anyone was actually ready for Vista even though the release date has been set in stone for quite some time. It seems ATI has been one of the only companies that came prepared.

    • wierdo
    • 13 years ago

    Apple’s skills at making ads are just…incredible.

    But it’s true though, I’m guessing people who switch to Vista will probably end up having to seek out pirated media just for the convenience and peace of mind!

    • provoko
    • 13 years ago

    Apple gives a warning they can’t make compatible software for the PC? No big surprise. (SARCASIM)

      • ludi
      • 13 years ago

      Yeah, I mean, QuickTIme has basically /[

    • CampinCarl
    • 13 years ago

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Cheap trick to try and force people to switch to Macs? I think so.

    • NotParker
    • 13 years ago

    Remember those Apple employees who got fired for downloading an “unauthorized” copy of Leopard off of bit torrent?

    Maybe the iTunes developers weren’t allowed to download Vista RC1 or RC2 under threat of termination.

    They had to wait for retail before development started.

    (just kidding)

    • SGT Lindy
    • 13 years ago

    It did not work very well with XP either. Apple is so dame lame…..very weak attempt to hold Vista users back.

    They think that love of an MP3 player will hold people back or make them want to switch to an apple that charges money to enable wireless hardware.

    I wish it would back fire and make people ditch their IPOD for a Zune!!!

      • rxc6
      • 13 years ago


        • SGT Lindy
        • 13 years ago

        Whatever Ipod boy.

        The Zune worked with Vista the day you could buy Vista…1/31/07. It was working a week after a corporation or MSDN accounts could get Vista Buisness/Enteprise the first week of December….not that a corporate account would need any music software.


    • Kunikos
    • 13 years ago

    to get itunes store purchases to play you just deauthorize your “previous computer” and re-authorize

    itunes in general starts up very slowly and sometimes crashes/doesn’t start-up properly if you run it from the pinned start menu entry (runs fine from the vista equivalent of “all programs” and off the desktop icon)

    if there was a way to put video on my ipod without using itunes i would ditch that piece of shit software so fast it would make your head spin

    edit: my prayers are answered — new anapod explorer supports photos, videos and transcoding!! sayonara, suckers!

    • Hizpanick
    • 13 years ago

    [conspiracy]They’re purposely breaking iTunes so they can attack Vista!So they can “switch” people to Apple![/conspiracy]

    [the above post loaded with sarcasm.]
    [Also, it’s the first post.]

      • Jigar
      • 13 years ago


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