Intel to slash Xeon 3000 prices in April

Last year, reports claimed that Intel would cut prices across its desktop Core 2 line of processors some time in the second quarter of this year. Intel hasn't confirmed or denied those rumors, but DigiTimes has now heard that the company intends to apply a round of price cuts to its Xeon 3000 processors in April. The Xeon 3000 lineup is targeted at 1P servers/workstations and essentially consists of re-badged Core 2 chips. DigiTimes says the quad-core Xeon 3220—the Xeon flavor of Intel's Core 2 Quad Q6600—will drop in price from $851 to $530, while other Xeon 3000-series chips will enjoy price cuts between 10% and 40%. Considering Xeon 3000 pricing currently mirrors Core 2 prices, this report might be further evidence that Core 2 price cuts are on the way.
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