TR reviews the Plextor PlexWriter 12/10/32A

— 12:02 AM on September 11, 2000

Andy has put together a review of a sweet new CD burner, Plextor's PlexWriter 12/10/32A. Capable of writing to CD-Rs at 12X speeds and to CD-RWs at 10X speeds, this thing is the express way to lay down your stuff on a disc. And this is one heckuva thorough look at the drive. He's tested read speed, write speed, digital audio extraction, and even Plextor's snazzy new anti-coaster protection, BURN-proof.

What is this BURN-proof thing, you ask? I'm glad you asked:

BURN-proof allows the drive to turn the laser on and off during the recording process. If the data stream dries up during recording, the drive simply turns off the laser and waits in a holding pattern until more data is available. When there is more data, it figures out where it left off, turns the laser back on, and starts recording again.
Read the rest of the review and find out if it really works right here.
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