Y2K bug's big boon: Jewel cancels concert

What could be a more tragic bit of fallout from the Y2K scare than Jewel canceling a concert, citing Y2K concerns? (Well, I stubbed my toe the other day. Heh.) It seems Jewel was afraid of technical glitches related to the millennium bug, but the real problem was a failure to sell tickets to her Anchorage, Alaska concert. Perhaps the box office wasn't too hot because 75% of Americans are planning to stay home on New Years' Eve. (While probably 75% of geeks are, like me, planning to spend the evening at work, babysitting systems in case things go kablooey.)

Meanwhile, the city of Detroit has installed diesel generators for standby electric power as we cross into 2000. Said city officials:

``These standby power generators are another nail in the coffin of the Y2K bug,'' James Heath, Assistant Director Water Supply Operations, announced proudly. ``The concerns surrounding Y2K computer glitches were additional incentives driving this implementation,'' Mr. Heath explained.
Personally, I'm at least as worried about millennial kooks as I am about the Y2K bug. Plus, what better opportunity for terrorism than the night everyone's already expecting trouble? Take, for instance, this story about a Canadian man arrested for plotting to blow up the Alaskan oil pipeline on the big night.

Failing such catastrophes, there is the matter of the 30,000 new viruses U.S. West is simultaneously predicting and pledging to protect us from. While they may be right that hackers are going to take Y2K as an opportunity do a number on some folks, there's nothing like a little hysteria to scare up some business.

(Thanks to Drudge for some of the above links.)

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