Analyst says Apple will switch iPods to flash

Apple switched its cheap, low-capacity iPods to flash memory with the introduction of the iPod nano back in late 2005. Now, more than two years later, analysts are predicting that Apple will make the same transition with the rest of its iPod lineup. As CNet reports, Prudential Equity Group analyst Jesse Tortora says Apple may very well shift its video iPods to flash memory before the end of this year. The move would presumably result in higher prices—at least initially—but the analyst says Apple's deals with flash companies like Samsung and continuously decreasing flash prices could make an all-flash iPod lineup possible. For reference, Apple's $349 video iPod has an 80GB capacity, while SanDisk says its recently-announced 1.8" 32GB solid-state disk adds around $600 to the price of handheld devices.
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