AMD, Nvidia high-definition video decoding tested

Both AMD and Nvidia have advertised their latest graphics cards' H.264 video decoding features, which include both acceleration and image quality enhancements, for some time now. However, a test run by AnandTech suggests that the two companies' high-definition video decoding implementations leave a lot to be desired. The site put graphics cards from each manufacturer through an early version of Silicon Optix's HD HQV test, a test that examines noise reduction, resolution loss, and deinterlacing artifacts in high-definition video.

AMD's and Nvidia's offerings score well on the standard definition HQV test, but the companies' cards all get a flat zero on the HD HQV test. AnandTech says the cards fail to reduce noise and suffer from jaggies, resolution loss, flickering, and moiré patterns. The site does concede that playback of non-interlaced high definition video (e.g. 1080p) doesn't result in the same image quality faults, but it nonetheless concludes that both AMD's and Nvidia's high-definition video decoding needs some serious work.

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