Poll: How often do you back up your data?

In our new poll this week, we're inquiring about your backup habits. Many users simply never back up their data until their hard drive fails or their computer is struck by lightning and they lose years of work, family photos, and other important documents. Meanwhile, some aspiring system administrators (and even actual sysadmins) rely on elaborate tape backup systems to safeguard the contents of their home PC every night. Most of us probably fall somewhere in between, burning important files to CDs or DVDs every few days or months just to reduce the potentially catastrophic effects of data loss. In which group do you belong? Feel free to vote and let us know.

Last week, we quizzed you about whether you send or receive e-mails from handheld devices like smart phones or Pocket PCs. As it turns out, only 24% of you e-mail on the go, compared to 76% who are perfectly content to use plain old PCs or laptops to send e-mails. Out of the 24%, 7% use a smart phone, 6% use a Blackberry, 5% use a Pocket PC, 3% use a Palm OS-based device, and another 3% use some other type of handheld device.

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