• VE interview: Tim Sweeney talks about Unreal Tech
  • Aces Hardware's upgrading decisions: better CPU or videocard
  • ExtremeHW's ECTS 2000 report
  • Ars Technica shows how to multiboot Microsoft OSes
  •'s scorecard: AMD and Intel part I
  • TweakTown's socket A review: TBird & Duron
  • ON24/Executive Impact: NVIDIA
  • ZZZ Online #48

Windows Me reviews


  • Dual wonders: MSI-694D and Tyan Tiger 133 Apollo Pro 133 review
  • HardwareCentral reviews Iwill WO2-R ATA-100 RAID i815e
  • Firing Squad does 800 mhz shootout: AMD vs. Intel vs. Via
  • OCworkbench reviews QDI SyntactiX 2E i815e
  • Active-Hardware reviews FIC AZ11 socket A
  • Gamers Depot reviews AOpen AX3S Pro i815e
  • t-break reviews Chaintech 60JV i815e
  • CPUReview looks at MSI 6309 Via Apollo Pro 133

Telecommunications and networking

  • Chick's Hardware reviews Europeonline satellite internet service
  • Trainwrecker SMC Barricade broadband router
  • HotHardware reviews D-Link DHN-920 - 10Mb phone line USB network in a box


  • Portable Life reveals IE secret repair tool
  • Tweak3D's FAKK2 tweaking guide
  • 3D Spotlight's Unreal tweak guide final

  • PlanetHardware explains SCSI
  • Digit-Life explains modern ways of computer printing
  • [H]ard|OCP reviews Cyclone 5000 case
  • Digital Web 3D's high-end PC buyer's guide
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