VIA cooks up new Intel chipsets

Last year, rumors suggested that Intel was attempting to push VIA out of the processor market. VIA's license to make Intel chipsets is only valid until March 2008, and Intel was said to be pressuring the company to renounce its processor business in order to retain the ability to make Intel chipsets.

The folks over at HKEPC now say VIA's negotiations with Intel have yet to bear fruit, but that the Taiwanese company is nevertheless pressing on with development of new Intel chipsets that have support for 1333MHz front-side bus speeds. These chipsets, which include PT960 and PM960 models, are reportedly scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year—just one quarter before Intel's deadline. HKEPC says the PT960 will have support for DDR2-1066 and DDR3-1333 memory (albeit only in single-channel mode) as well as PCI Express 2.0. The PM960 will integrate Chrome9 HD graphics with support for H.264 video acceleration and HDMI output.

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