• Duel at the Motley Fool: AMD vs. Intel (good arguments both pro and con)
  • Real World Tech's September 2000 industry update (DDR chipset delayed?)
  • Real World Tech's Willamette update (back up again)
  • System Logic explains Intel IA-64
  • AnandTech's AMD K6-2+ in notebooks - evaluating performance with PowerNow
  • FiringSquad updates 600 mhz shootout with Pentium III benches
  • Transistorized and Tormented #42
  • Website du jour: Cool Flash animation (about 8 1/2 minutes): spotted on Tech-Review
Doing Windows

  • Window Planet's Windows 2000 tweaking guide (repost)
  • Hardware Pub shows how to customize Windows
  • Review Zone previews MS Whistler Pro
  • Activewin interviews chief product manager of WinMe
Freaks and tweaks


  • Digit-Life's hardware video monthly for August 2000
  • nV News interviews NVIDIA's OpenGL applications engineer Cass Everitt
  • PlanetHardware's 5-card video accelerator shootout
  • Review Zone previews GeForce 2 Ultra
  • 3D Spotlight's Voodoo 5 5500 review part II
  • GA-Hardware reviews VideoLogic Vivid
  • Riva Station reviews Matrox G450 (in English)


  • Tom's Hardware's MPEG-4 - copying a DVD video to CD-ROM
  • CGO reviews Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card
  • Tech-Review's audio hookups guide
  • FiringSquad reviews Afreey PDV-2000 portable DVD review
  • Jsi Hardware reviews Belinea 106030 19" monitor

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