AMD touts new embedded, handheld moves

DigiTimes reported last month that AMD was prepping a new, faster Geode LX processor as part of an effort to grab a bigger slice of the ultra-mobile PC market. AMD hasn't talked about UMPCs specifically, but it has now introduced a new Geode LX 900 processor. The chip is clocked at 600MHz with a power rating of 1.5W, and it succeeds the 500MHz, 0.9W Geode LX 800 as the fastest offering in AMD's Geode LX line.

Along with this new chip, AMD has also announced an expansion of its AMD64 Longevity Program to include Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, and Opteron processors. Through the AMD64 Longevity Program, AMD offers some processors with an extended availability period of five years in order to make them suitable for embedded applications that have longer design cycles and life spans than regular PCs.

Last, but not least, AMD has announced the creation of a new business that will develop and license "leading-edge graphics core technologies" to handheld manufacturers. AMD's announcement gives few details about the endeavor, although it does mention low-power 2D and 3D graphics on cell phones. Nonetheless, the move is clearly part of AMD's planned consumer electronics push, which the company announced in December last year.

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