Sony to tap TSMC, UMC for Cell production?

The fact that Sony plans to shrink the PlayStation 3's Cell processor to 65nm in order to cut costs is no secret—in fact, production of 65nm Cell chips has already begun—but the company is looking further ahead. Sony Executive Deputy President Yutaka Nakagawa has told CNet that commercial production of 45nm Cell chips is expected to start in late 2008 or early 2009. Nakagawa added, "We are going to study carefully whether we should carry out all the capital investment and produce them in-house. . . . When we first offered the PS2, there were no semiconductor companies that were able to make chips for the machine, so we did it ourselves. But now, there are companies that specialize in (such) chip production."

According to DailyTech, those statements suggest that Sony may very well end up tapping independent foundries like TSMC and UMC when it makes the move to 45nm process technology. TSMC and UMC are currently the main suppliers of graphics processors for both AMD and Nvidia.

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