Aiwa's CDC-MP3: Tons of tunes in the dash

Aiwa's CDC-MP3 is a product we've been anticipating for a while here at TR. It looks and acts just like any other decent aftermarket car stereo. It's got a detachable front face that also flips down, and it has a steering wheel-mounted remote, too. There are knobs and buttons. The front face has the requisite flashy lights to distract you from boring things like driving. The 4 x 45W amp power is plenty good for most folks. And it is one of the world's first big-name car stereos that will also play MP3's off of CD-R and RW discs. For 299 American dollars.

So that disc you pop into the player during a harrowing high-speed cornering episode can hold fifteen albums instead of just one.

Naturally, Andy bought one as soon as he could, and we have a full review of this puppy for your reading pleasure. Excuse me while I go find a way to scrape up the cash for one of these myself...

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