TR Forum Tidings: DirectX 10 and waiting

For this week's forum tidings post, we've spotted a thread by gerbil veteran NeRve about DirectX 10 graphics cards. NeRve and others in his thread say they'll wait for the second generation of DirectX 10 cards—or at least until DirectX 10 benchmarks of current cards are out—for fear that first-gen offerings don't perform well enough in DirectX 10 games. Some users apparently have a bad taste left by Nvidia's first DirectX 9 cards, the GeForce FX series, which turned out to have a rather inadequate implementation of the then-new API.

Of course, the design requirements for DirectX 10 are much stricter, so a repeat of that situation is unlikely. Besides, there are good reasons other than DirectX 10 support to get a GeForce 8—not least of all the new cards' excellent performance in DirectX 9 games. Nonetheless, some would rather give Nvidia and AMD some time to prove themselves before making the jump. How do you feel about the DirectX 10 issue? Would you rather wait, or do you have a GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB on the way already? Feel free to register a forum account and hop into NeRve's thread to share your thoughts.

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