AMD's R600 to 'overdrive' to 880MHz?

We've heard a number of rumors about AMD's upcoming R600 graphics processor over the past few weeks, and now the folks at The Inquirer claim to have the scoop on its core and memory speeds. The Inq says the top-of-the-line R600 model will have a sizzling core clock speed of around 800MHz with GDDR4 memory running at somewhere between 1GHz and 1.1GHz.

As if that weren't fast enough, they say the R600 will have an Overdrive mode similar to the one in current Radeons that will allow users to squeeze a few extra MHz out of the card with AMD's blessing. With overdrive enabled, the R600 will reportedly be able to hit 880MHz core and 1.2-1.3GHz memory speeds. (For reference, Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GTX runs at 575MHz with 900MHz memory, but its 128 stream processors are in a separate clock domain at 1.35GHz.) The Inq says Overdrive will require both 8-pin and 6-pin PCI Express power connectors. Users who "only" plug in two 6-pin connectors will supposedly have to stick with the stock speeds—or find another way to overclock the card.

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