Epic's Mark Rein talks Gears of War PC

Epic Games VP and co-founder Mark Rein stated last month that Epic had no plans to port Gears of War to the PC. In an interview with TeamXbox, Rein has now backtracked somewhat and stated that a PC version of the game is "inevitable." Rein says, "Eventually we’ll get around to a PC version. I just don’t know when," citing Halo as an example of an Xbox exclusive that eventually made it to the PC. "That’s worked successfully for Halo. Halo was a big seller on PC long after it kind of peaked on the original Xbox," Rein adds.

However, Rein goes on to say that porting Gears of War to the PC will be a challenge, because the game was "designed solely for the [Xbox 360] . . . to take advantage of every last little corner of that console, to fill every little crack and run as many threads as we could and do as much to exploit the power of that machine." Rein reckons that Unreal Tournament 3 will help Epic optimize Unreal Engine 3.0 for an eventual port, though.

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