Rumor mill churns out info on low-end DX10 Radeons

The folks at The Inquirer once again believe they have gotten wind of specifications for low-end derivatives of AMD's upcoming R600 graphics processor. According to The Inq, the two derivatives are code-named RV630 and RV610. They're both based on 65nm process technology and scheduled for launch in May. The RV630 will reportedly see the light of day in two flavors, dubbed Radeon X2600 XT and Radeon X2600 Pro. Aimed at the $200 price point, the XT is said to have 64 shader processors, a 650MHz core clock speed, 256MB of 800MHz GDDR3 memory, and a 128-bit memory bus. As for the Pro variant, it'll supposedly cost $150 and sport 550MHz core and 700MHz memory speeds.

Moving down to the RV610, The Inq says that GPU will launch in three variants: a $100 Radeon X2300 XT, a $70-80 Radeon X2300 Pro, and a $60 Radeon X2300 LE. The site says all three models will have 32 shader processors and 128-bit memory buses. The XT model will have 650MHz core and 700MHz memory speeds, the Pro model will tone those down to 500MHz/700MHz, and the LE model will run at 500MHz/400MHz, having traded its siblings' GDDR3 RAM for GDDR2.

Even if this info is currently correct, getting exact info on core and memory clock speeds today for cards that launch in May is, of course, a tricky business. Plans could, and probably will, change somewhat between now and then.

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