Poll: How many PCI cards do you have?

With the advent of PCI Express and the increasing number of peripherals built into motherboards—from dual Gigabit Ethernet MACs to multiple Serial ATA RAID controllers—the need for standard PCI cards is dwindling. Aside from perhaps a good sound card or a TV tuner, we reckon many users are unlikely to have any PCI cards left in their primary systems at all. That's led us to wonder just how prevalent those cards are among our readers. With this in mind, we've put up a new poll that asks that very question: just how many PCI cards do you have in your primary system? Feel free to go over and vote to let us know.

In our previous poll, we asked how often you backed up your data. Surprisingly, only 59% of you make regular backups, with 35% having neither backups nor seemingly any fault tolerance in case the worst should happen. Out of those who regularly back up their data, 12% make daily backups, 20% make weekly backups, 29% make monthly backups, 27% make backups every six months, and 12% only make backups once a year.

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