While you were sleeping

Matrox has posted WHQL certified drivers for their G200/G400/G450 video cards. You guys know who you are. Speaking of Unreal technology, UT Strike Force 1.40 part II has been released. There are 15 maps and a new 'Last Man Standing' game. Download it here or here. For those who prefer strategy, the Panzer General III demo is available.

While you are fragging and blowing up stuff, modern day Cassandras continue to rail against the entertainment industry for marketing sex and violence (including video games) to children while the 'Wise Men' provide some good legal coverage of Rambus vs. Infineon. As Rome continues to burn, who will be the last DRAM standing?

Another sign that technology is taking over our lives. With GlobalTrax, a GPS, you can now track your car and fancy new MP3 player remotely from any location. Scroll down to the end of the article for a good laugh.

Today marks the official commercial release of Windows Millenium Edition but that hasn't stopped Firing Squad from updating Windows 98SE. I don't know what this will mean but Taiwan is projected to buy one quarter of the chip production equipment by the end of 2000. Glide Underground claims to have a PDF saying that 3dfx will not be going back to their old ways as a chipset vendor. Coffee sounds good about now, so have a nice day, everybody.

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