'Bearlake' motherboards caught on film

A Chilean hardware site called Chilehardware has come upon some pictures of motherboards based on Intel's upcoming "Bearlake"-series chipsets. The boards are Biostar offerings both based on rumored Intel P35/ICH9R and P35/ICH9 chipset combos, which are presumably the successors to Intel's current P965/ICH8R and P965/ICH8 offerings, respectively. Specifications mentioned by Chilehardware are in line with information that has been circulating for some time now, but the photos themselves give a good glimpse of what Bearlake boards will look like.

The first board, the TP35-D3 Deluxe model, looks like a fairly high-class offering. It has heat pipe-based chipset and processor power circuitry cooling, DDR3 memory slots, six Serial ATA ports, two external SATA ports, and a single PCI Express x16 slot. A cheaper offering dubbed IP35-D2 looks like a current P965 board with DDR2 memory slots and an otherwise unremarkable PCB design. Unlike its seemingly pricier offering, though, that board has a PCIe x4 slot in addition to its PCIe x16 slot. According to rumors posted last month, the first Bearlake-based mobos will start hitting stores in May. Thanks to VR-Zone for the tip.

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