AMD aiming for a 30% quad-core market share?

Intel is currently the only player in the x86 quad-core processor market, but DigiTimes says AMD intends to tip the balance rather significantly once it introduces its first quad-core chips later this year. The Taiwanese site has heard from sources inside AMD that the chipmaker hopes to grab 30% of the quad-core server processor market by the end of the year.

According to Mercury Research numbers posted a couple of weeks ago, AMD had a 22.3% share of the server processor market in the fourth quarter of 2006. The company intends to introduce its first quad-core processors in the middle of this year, so jumping from 0% to 30% quad-core server market share in around six months would be quite a feat indeed. Of course, AMD recently said that it expects its "Barcelona" processors to be 40% faster than Intel's quad-core Xeons across "a wide variety of workloads." If there's any truth to that, quad-core Opterons could certainly become very popular, especially since Dell now offers AMD-based servers.

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