DDR memory shows promise

The boy wonder managed to get his hands on a prerelease motherboard with an AMD 760 chipset and some double data rate SDRAM, and the first Athlon DDR benchmarks are now public. Not only that, but the 760 chipset was sporting a 266MHz bus. Sadlly, the DDR memory Anand used for testing was only 100MHz (the PC1600 flavor), not 133MHz (the PC2100 flavor). The combination of the 760 chipset and DDR SDRAM clearly beats out the Via KT133/133MHz SDRAM combo, and the Athlon with DDR memory just clobbers the Intel 820/Rambus/PIII setup.

Quoth the boy wonder:

As a preview of the benefits of DDR SDRAM on the Athlon platform, we see a lot of potential in the AMD 760 and similar chipsets from ALi and VIA. While the performance improvement provided by DDR SDRAM isn't going to be earth shattering across the board, the 5 - 20% boost we do see on average will definitely be appreciated, especially considering that DDR SDRAM shouldn't carry that high of a price premium over regular PC133 SDRAM.
Kinda reminds me of when EDO memory hit the scene back in the day. Does anybody still think Rambus will win in the marketplace?
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