AMD's R600 to finally arrive on March 30?

Most of the rumors we've heard about AMD's upcoming ATI R600 graphics processor have been from unknown sources, but the folks over at DailyTech now claim to have something a little more definitive. They say they along with AMD's video card partners have been briefed on various details concerning the R600, including the GPU's launch date. That date is supposedly March 30, and DailyTech says AMD expects R600 cards to be in stores on that same day. The site goes on to say that AMD's launch R600 model will be dubbed Radeon X2900 XTX, and that a cheaper derivative won't follow until "approximately one month later." Echoing older rumors, DailyTech also mentions that the flagship model will be outfitted with 1GB of GDDR4 memory, while the cheaper model will have 512MB of GDDR3 RAM.
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