AMD releases review copy of DTX spec

Prototype DTX PC. Source: AMD.
Just over a month ago, AMD announced its new DTX case standard, promising both smaller form factors and compatibility with the existing ATX standard. The company has now released a review copy of its proposed guidelines for DTX. AMD says it is encouraging hardware manufacturers, design manufacturers, component vendors, and others to take part in establishing the form factor's guidelines.

AMD's proposed guidelines for DTX can be downloaded from its website here in PDF format. The specs call for a 9.6" x 8" (24.4cm x 20.3 cm) motherboard size for plain DTX and 6.7" x 8" (17cm x 20.3cm) for the smaller Mini-DTX. Despite the small footprint, DTX systems will be able to accommodate a processor with a thermal envelope of up to 65W, as well as two expansion cards (either PCI or PCI Express) and a notebook-style ExpressCard PC card.

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