Company develops video recognition software

A company called Audible Magic has come up with an interesting solution to the dilemma of unauthorized copyrighted content on video sharing sites. As CNet reports, the Los Gatos, California-based company has developed a video recognition system that can sniff out copyrighted content—even blurry, shaky-cam bootlegs. In a demonstration last week, Audible Magic's software "quickly identified" such a bootleg of Kill Bill: Volume 2 that had its audio dubbed in Chinese. News Corp's MySpace has already announced plans to use the software in order to track down copyrighted content uploaded by its users.

Meanwhile, CNet says Google has yet to introduce any kind of content filtering on its YouTube service. YouTube boasted last September that it would implement a filtering system before the year's end, but it has been the subject of much criticism ever since it missed that deadline. CNet reckons that MySpace's adoption of the Audible Magic filtering system will put additional pressure on Google to get its filtering system out the door.

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