Sony's magic number: sixty four

The Register has run a slightly confused but nonetheless interesting series of stories recently about Sony's plans to enter the high-end graphics business. The most recent of those reports says that Sony is now planning to stuff sixty-four Playstation 2 Emotion Engine chips into a rendering brick. The goal? Real-time Pixar-style animation:
Sony claims that will give the workstation the power to render 4.16 billion polygons per second, leading to frame rates of 60fps at 1980x1080 pixels. The company reckons that's enough to render movie-level effects in real time.
It's unclear, at least at the Register, whether the beastly little box will be an actual workstation competing with the likes of SGI, or just a rendering engine intended to be controlled by a proper workstation.

Sources couldn't confirm or deny rumors that the box, dubbed the GSCube in development, would soon be renamed "Playstation 5 6000."

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