Intel reveals more about its GPU project

Rumors of Intel's work on gaming graphics processors were confirmed last month when the chipmaker put up a career page that explicitly talked of "discrete graphics products based on a many-core architecture." Through summaries of recent Intel seminars, the folks at Beyond3D have now learned that Intel's Douglas M. Carmean is Chief Architect for the Visual Computing Group, which would suggest that he's in charge of designing the graphics architecture. Carmean was previously Principal Architect with Intel's Desktop Products Group, and Intel credits him with being a key architect of the original Pentium 4 processor design.

Interestingly, Intel has edited the aforementioned Visual Computing Group career page to remove mentions of "discrete graphics products." Instead, the company now talks of "advanced products." It also says the VCG team is "developing a complete software development kit for our GPU products as well as working with independent software vendors (ISVs) to optimize their software for our current and future GPU products." Last, but not least, the company names ray tracing as one of the fields in which it seeks potential staffers. Intel called ray tracing "the future for games" at its developer forum last fall.

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