Nvidia releases WHQL Vista graphics drivers

In what is now its fourth graphics driver release since the launch of Windows Vista three weeks ago, Nvidia has released a set of WHQL-certified ForceWare drivers numbered 100.65. These drivers have been validated by Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Labs, but they’re by no means feature-complete. The Nvidia Control Panel is still missing features like video overlay control, and the nView control panel is still missing altogether. In fact, Nvidia’s release notes for these new ForceWare drivers suggest that the company only fixed two bugs since the ForceWare 100.64 release that came out last Wednesday. One of the bugs concerned application profiles on multi-user systems, and the other had to do with 1080i overlay playback quality.

Nevertheless, the new drivers are available here in 32-bit and here for 64-bit Vista users. Just like the previous version, these drivers are compatible with GeForce 8, GeForce 7, and GeForce 6 graphics cards. (Thanks to TR reader Andrew for the tip.)

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