AMD to have WHQL Vista drivers for R600 launch?

Just as Nvidia finally releases its first set of WHQL-certified ForceWare graphics drivers for Vista, The Inquirer reports that AMD plans to have WHQL-certified Catalyst drivers for its upcoming R600 graphics card on launch day. The latest rumors suggest that the R600 launch will take place on March 30, and that AMD will be introducing a single graphics card dubbed Radeon X2900 XTX. The Inq says the WHQL driver will support the card in both single-GPU and CrossFire multi-GPU configurations, although the site hasn't learned whether DirectX 10 support for 64-bit versions of Vista will make it in right away. Nevertheless, the move—if it does indeed happen—could be beneficial not just to early adopters, but to system integrators and reviewers, as well.
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